Listening Log – [Pt. I Proj.2]- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Various. ‘AMADEUS: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Various

Fig. 1. Amadeus film poster (n.d)

Sir Neville Marriner supervised and conducted Mozart’s music for the original score for Milos Forman’s 1984 film ‘Amadeus’. Mozart’s music was performed largely unaltered. Only some minor changes to some of Salieri’s parts were done by Marriner. The orchestra used was Academy of St Martin in the Fields.

The film itself is a masterpiece. It is a fictional account of the later parts of Mozart’s life, all set to Mozart’s own music. I watched it in the cinema when it was first released and was overwhelmed by the music. Watching the lasts scenes, depicting Mozart composing/dictating ‘Requiem Confutatis Maledictis’ inter cut with a racing carriage and culminating in his death, is on of the experiences which made me want to pursue writing film music.

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Figure 1. Film Poster (n.d) [Poster] At:…0.0..0.66.396.7……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67.5nOYfAToM6M#imgrc=huTmI3DvTSlcAM: (Accessed on 15 June 2017)