Listening Log- [Pt. III – Proj.2] – Ludwig Van Beethoven’s first piano sonata No 1 in F minor, Op 2

Ludwig Van Beethoven’s first piano sonata No 1 in F minor, Op 2

My very first impression when the first movement starts is that it doesn’t sound like Beethoven to me, or at least not the Beethoven that I’m familiar with and that I like. Instead it sounds more like Mozart, but with a bit less spark. The first movement leaves no lasting impression on me and feels quite generic. The second, slow movement is however quite beautiful, lyrical and melodic. It is gentle and quite sublime. The third movement which follows is a dance movement in 3/4 which starts gently like the previous movement but interspersed with moments of energy creating a stop/starting effect. The fourth and final movement feels much faster due to repeated 8 note triplets and has a more forceful and insistent quality. It seems to veer into briefer quiet theme or passage giving a momentary respite from the triplets only for them to come back in full force towards the ending. Overall, I’d say that I enjoy the second slow movement thanks to its lyricism and the final movement thanks to its insistent quality which is something I associate with Beethoven. Also, I find the final movement slightly less predictable both harmonically and structurally. Again, this is something that feels more ‘Beethoven’ to me and sets his pieces apart.