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Music 1 ~ Stylistic Techniques- Ms Suncica Lazic, Student ID: Suncica516098 – Assignment Five

LO1 demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of harmony and conventions of notation.

I particularly found the listening and research I did for my Listening Log entry on Stravinsky’s Mass very educational in terms of harmonic conventions and how they differ through different eras, styles and cultures:

The following Listening Log also shows a growing awareness of the harmonic aspect of composition and style.

In terms of the conventions of notation the extracurricular project I did for Carla Rees’ flute workshop really was a baptism of fire. It was my first time notating one of my compositions and I made every mistake thinkable. The score went through hundred’s of re-writes until it, with Carla’s help, reached an acceptable level of clarity.

My listening Log entry on one of Messiaen’s pieces shows research I undertook in understanding particular rhythmical aspects of notation.