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Music 1 ~ Stylistic Techniques- Ms Suncica Lazic, Student ID: Suncica516098 – Assignment Five

LO4 demonstrate an ability to read the work of established composers in written form, enhanced listening skills and an ability to reflect upon your own learning experience.

Aside from the Reflective accounts accompanying each Assignment, one of which I am including below, several listening log entries both demonstrate an ability to read works and to reflect upon my own learning experience. I have included a few of those.

The methodology I followed with most of my Listening Log entries was to first listen to the composition over the course of a week. My first listen would take place at night, whilst falling asleep. The listening would become more and more active during the week and I would make preliminary notes of my impressions, at first just emotional responses and opinions and towards the end of the week I would listen for specific compositional features, harmony and orchestration. After this process I would watch several Youtube performances and make further notes. In the final stage I would listen along to a score, then read the score in greater detail and read more in-depth background material on both the work and the performer. I was particularly interested in any notes made by the composer him/herself. I would then sketch out an analysis before writing up the listening log, which always includes my own observations and preferences.

My Reflective account for Assignment Four shows my ability to reflect on my own work the most clearly:

The following Listening Log entries were the result of extensive research and reflection: