[Pt. I Proj.3] – Exercise 1.5: Imitative counterpoint.

  • From listening to choral music of the Renaissance period you will have noticed that, in many of the textures, when the voices enter they do so in more or less strict imitation. Here is your chance to try some imitative writing of your own. 
  • Try completing the two examples of imitative textures below. They have been chosen and adapted such that if you complete the blank parts in exact imitation of the first voice to enter, the harmony and texture should fall into place perfectly. This should hopefully be very satisfying, and remember this is not a test – the solutions are given at the end of the chapter. 
  • Once you have tried these exercises you can always go on to delve deeper into imitative counterpoint by the likes of Palestrina and carry out similar practice of your own. 
  • Here is the first example for you to copy into Sibelius and fill in the blank voice: