[Pt. IV Proj.3] – Moving into the Twentieth Century – Project 3 -Serialism – exercise 4.0- Create your own twelve note row.

Exercise 4.0 In this fun exercise, create your own twelve note row. The order of the notes is up to you, and you can make it as ‘random sounding’ or ‘tonal’ as you want as long as each note appears once and only once. The main idea is that you consciously and deliberately construct the row. You should use a keyboard to help you, or Sibelius, so that you can hear your creation. It is music after all. Keep the notes in the same octave, similar to the examples above. When you have done this write out the retrograde, inversion and retrograde inversion and compare how each one relates to the prime row. Do you notice any surprise connections between them? Jot down some reflections upon this whole activity in your learning log.