[Pt.V~ Music Theory Proj. 2] – Research point – different tuning systems

Music Theory Project – Modes, tuning systems and early notation 

Research point – different tuning systems

Explore the sounds of the different tuning systems described here. You can do this either through finding recordings on the internet or by experimenting on an electronic keyboard which has settings for different tuning systems.

In April 2017 I attended a week long residential (in the French Pyrenees) composing master class with Gavin Bryars. A couple of his lectures were on Pythagorean tuning and Just Intonation and he illustrated his teachings by using examples of pieces he had written for the Hilliard Ensemble and for Trio Mediaeval. I must say, the sound was so pure and the pitching so sublime, it made me feel like a lot of beauty has been lost with equal temperament.

Trio Mediaeval
Camp Fr
Hilliard Ensemble
Gavin Bryars