[Pt. V Proj.1] – The Classical Era- Project 1- Sonata Form ~ Exercise 5.2: The quality of the different passages of the first 30 bars.

[Pt. V Proj. 1] – Exercise 5.2 The quality of the different passages of the first 30 bars.

In this short exercise, listen to the first thirty bars or so of the movement listening to the qualities of the passages which are firmly in a key, for example the opening, the modulatory passages, i.e. the transition, and where the new key is established. Are you able to put into words the different qualities of these passages? What makes the music feel that way? Write 100 words in your learning log about this.

The opening of the movement in the tonic of C Major is very assertive and strident. Although the major keys are supposedly ‘happy’ keys I find the key of C Major borderline aggressive because of it’s confidence. The transition passage commencing at bar 13 has a searching and yearning quality, heightened by the galloping rhythm , which turns into a slower lyrical 4 bar section before reaching the second subject area’s dominant key of G Major. G Major has a majestic and uplifting flavour to it which emphatically cadences into the A minor development section starting at bar 45.