Reflective Account 2


First I’d like to point out that I greatly enjoyed this particular Assignment. I enjoyed the subject and I enjoyed looking at it in great detail. It was very illuminating and instructive and I find this composition truly inspiring.

I felt that my tutor’s feedback on this Assignment was very helpful and clear and highlighted areas I find difficult. Several of the points my tutor made I was aware of, like the the two references missing; Max Steiner’s Strauss quote and the criticism levelled at Strauss  in terms of gender stereotyping are both quotes I have somewhere but cannot find. I will endeavour to find them and either include the references or delete these assertions.

I don’t write my essays in a ‘beginning to end’ sequence. I write a number of shorter essays which I then edit together. I am not sure why I find this non-linear approach more creative, but it is what works for me. It is however a more chaotic way to work and more difficult to organise. I have yet to find a method which is fool proof where I don’t lose some of the research information. My research is almost exclusively online, which is very handy but can also be very overwhelming once you have 20-30 webpages open all at once.

The ‘horn dissonance image’ is quite possibly the wrong one, because I had several examples. I will have another look. Obviously just an isolated unison part will not create dissonance. I might have been making a point I later abandoned- I’m not sure. I will do a revised version of this.

The ‘flowery’ language criticism I will definitively take onboard. I am still learning how to write in a more academic language – I didn’t go to school here and my English is mainly conversational and just self taught. I get muddled sometimes between what’s appropriate and what’s not.  I also struggle with sentence construction. The way you structure a sentence in English differs to Swedish which is my first language. It often results in me writing much too convoluted sentences. I am trying to improve but it will be an ongoing process.

I will add more listening log entries and make them more brief and less detailed.


I could not find the quote by Max Steiner, so instead I reworded the passage and referenced a film music critic who claims that Steiner was influenced by Richard Strauss. I included a JPEG extract from a book where it is discussed.

Similarly I could not find the criticism quote of the gender stereotyping, so I re-worded this to read as my own personal opinion.

I re-wrote the ‘flowery’ passages to be more to the point and shortened my sentences to make it sound less like hyperbole.

I deleted any references to ‘unison’ horns since this was clearly a mistake. The horns are neither in unison nor particularly dissonant.

I also tried to clarify the parallels I hear between Strauss’ orchestration in the Carnivalesque scene and the use of glockenspiel in horror film music. I also added a couple of references to this section of the essay.