Sound Engineer/Music Producer/Aspiring Film & Games Composer


I began my career in my native country Sweden working in the studios at Radio Gothenburg. In 1990 I moved to London where I studied ‘Advanced Sound Recording and Production Techniques’. Upon completion of my course I relocated to Amsterdam for a couple of years, first working as an assistant engineer at the legendary Wisseloord studio in Hilversum. Subsequently I was offered a position as the in-house engineer for Tink! Records. They were a house music record label producing cutting edge EDM. It was an exciting era in the Dutch club scene. We would be putting down a mix in the afternnoon and then literally taking the white label pressing to play at night in the clubs, getting an immediate reaction to the tunes. Whilst I was there I also had the pleasure of working with singer H.R of Bad Brains on one of his side projects.

 After two years I returned to London where I engineered for some of London’s top venues like the Marquee, The Dome and many more. In late 1993 I got an in-house position at Mayfair Studios. Artists I worked with included the likes of Plant and Page, Black Sabbath, U2, The Refugee camp, Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, Tricky, Massive Attack, Pulp, Suede, Mansun.

In 1995 I started freelance engineering for various large studios (many now owned by Miloco) such as Marcus, Roundhouse, Swanyard, Alaska, Orinoco, Masterock, Battery, Livingston and Abbey Road. Around 2000 I started my own home recording studio together with a fellow engineer from Mayfair studios. We divide the time between recording/producing other artists and also writing our own music.

Since 2008 I have started writing for film after interest in my music from one of my favourite film directors, Guy Maddin. My music is a mixture of styles. It’s modern electronic music with influences of rock, Balkan music and Tango (I dance tango). My parents were originally from Serbia and I grew up listening to both Eastern and Western music. All these influences have worked their way into my songs.

Once I realised that my music might fit to film I started toying with the idea of orchestrating my songs. I became interested in learning how to do this myself, rather than having someone else orchestrate it for me. I have recently started taking online courses with Thinkspace in order to learn more about film composition, cinematic orchestration and games music composition. I also want to keep my hand in on the sound-side of things. In aid of learning more about the process I took an Advanced  Post Production course at SSR London in 2013. Ideally I’d love to be able to be responsible for both the sound and the music in the projects I’m involved in.

Sound Engineer/Music Producer Credits

Equipment and Software I am fluent on;

Apple Mac user for as long as they’ve been around.

ProTools 9 and 10, including a certificate for the 210P exam.

Logic Audio 9 and Logic Pro X. Cubase

Currently learning Sibelius, Avid Composer and FMOD .

A variety of traditional analogue recording equipment, most notably

SSL E and G-series analogue desks, Neve VR Flying faders analog desk,

Studer Analog 24″ tape machines.

Sunny Lazic CV 3(2003 copy)


2017 Five day composition Master Class with Gavin Bryars at CAMP France in the French Pyrenees.

2016-Ongoing Online courses with ‘Thinkspace’ for film composition and cinematic orchestration.

2010-2017 Ongoing Recording and Co-producing (several albums worth) for the band ‘PollyAnna Valentine’.

2013-2014 Attended an industry course in Advanced Post Production (Audio) for film and broadcast at SSR London. Including the completion of a ProTools 210P exam.

2009-2014 Starting work on my own film music in response to interest from director Guy Maddin.

2005-2008 Touring worldwide (as crew and tour manager) with Japanese noise artist Keiji Haino.

2005 Touring Germany (as crew and tour manager) with Addie brik.

2000-2014 Recording and mixing (various projects) for the artist Addie Brik.

2000-2014 Setting up a semi professional home studio and writing my own music. Splitting my time between music writing

and producing and recording other artists.

1998-1999 Recording album for Raissa at Orinoco studios (now one of the Miloco studios)

1996-1998 Working as a freelance engineer for several prominent London studios.

1993-1995 Working as an in-house engineer at Mayfair Recording Studios.

1990-1992 Working as an in-house engineer for TINK! Records in Amsterdam.

1991 Working as an assistant engineer in Wisseloord  studios, Hilversum (just outside Amsterdam)

1990 Move to London in order to attend a full time Sound Engineering and Production course in London, at ‘Sound and Media Technologies’.

1988-1989 Doing a foundation course in  Contemporary Dance at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden.

1987-1988 Work placement on Gothenburg Radio as a music producer for one of their bi-weekly shows.

1984-1987 Taking A-levels in Gothenburg, Sweden.

1977-1984 Taking the Swedish equivalent to GCSEs.